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    Ed P
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    It looks like Microsoft have raised the bar with this new 3D rendering api. I have not had time to absorb the implications but at first glance this could do wonders for game engines and may even have implications for better and less costly 3D modelling and rendering engines. (I really must learn Blender this year, as there is nothing cheaper than free!)

    Games should benefit by doing away with pre-rendered cut-scenes – instead such things could be done on the fly.


    keith with the teef
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    They bin on about this for years. All the way back to my 6800 ultra.

    My current card 1070 pumps out wild amounts of flops.

    I think we got some way to go before game engines can really turn on the charm with ray tracing because we have the compute power.

    Although I feel this will come sooner than later. 20-t flops zone.

    Its funny, my media center has a 610 throw away card in but it matches my old king of the hill 6800 ultra.

    I guess my 1070 will be throw away compute power in 10 years time. Unfortunately I will be 63.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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