A couple of smart tv questions guys

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    A couple of smart tv questions guys 2Marc Berry

    Firstly, merry Christmas and a Happy New year to you all.

    So, tonight I have had a second smart tv in the house give me an issue along with an ongoing but unrelated issue on another so I thought it best to seek help.

    Ongoing issue with our bedroom TV. An LG TV from, i think, 2016 running, i think, Web os. We have a homeplug who’s adapter is connected via ethernet to the main router and the extender in my sons bedroom has both ethernet and WiFi on both 2.4ghz and 5ghz. As mentioned the extender is in my oldest sons room and then through only 1 wall and 1 metre away we have our bedroom TV connected to the WiFi. When i check the speed in our bedroom using my note 8 smartphone on the 5ghz it gives 40-50mbps and on 2.4ghz it gives an admittedly wavering speed between its lowest 10mbps to 31mbps. The virgin fibre connection gives me up to 221mbps downstairs connected directly to the router.

    When we run netflix on either 2.4 or 5ghz WiFi it buffers almost constantly and youtube also initially said no connection but then connected and i just haven’t yet used youtube to watch anything so can’t say whether it would have had buffering issues. I can report back on that one. Any thoughts on that?

    Issue 2, oldest sons Samsung smart tv from, i think’ 2016 and I think running tizen. When he turned it onto the menu earlier the tv screen was perfect and still is but when running netflix or youtube the screen when almost completely pink then green with a sort of ‘artifact-y’ appearance. I changed back to the main menu and it was fine so it was just the streaming apps. I reset the YouTube app and retested but no better. I googled a bit and found something mentioning hardware acceleration but I can’t find that option on the tv (think they were referring to a different form of device). I did however turn off some settings that I thought i had already such as auto contrast, auto something else and then turned off and on and it was better but I am not sure what sorted it and if it was the off/on sequence then it could rehappen. Any ideas with this also?

    Thanks guys.

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