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    The Duke

    After 6 and a half years my iPad 2 officially died. I never liked it, but the longer it stuck around the more I respected that tablet.

    Fitting thing is, it still isn’t dead, just totally locked out of it, and apple can’t do anything about it. I’m not mad at Apple customer service, they was great, but because my girl had some how reset the iPad2, and tried to set it up with an email that does exist, just doesn’t belong to me. And because it was set up almost 7 years ago, I have no idea what email address or password made up my apple Id.

    I’m not to bothered, however my girl isn’t happy, she has had that ipad since 2, it was like her comfort blanket. it had a cracked screen and the home button was long brocken.

    So it’s no loss, but I wish it hung on another 2 months till Xmas.

    Hauwei media tab here we come.

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    Ed P
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    My iPad2 is still going though the battery is starting on the downhill slope. I have a cheap Amazon Fire and tbh for most things it is better than the iPad2.

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