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    Bob Williams

    I found this at “The Works” in Grimsby, reduced from £8.99 to £2.99: “Selling Hitler” by Robert Harris. It was originally published in 1986, I have read quite a few by Harris and they are always good, well researched. This is the intriguing, amazing, almost unbelievable story of “The Hitler Diaries” that were complete fakes, made by a most unlikely forger, taken up by a journalist with more imagination than sense. Presented to Stern Magazine, passed to its owners the worldwide billionaire business Bertelsman Group. Millions of Deutschmarks, Dollars and GB Pounds involved, The Times, Newsweek and newspapers all over the world paying for publishing rights. All these so-called Professionals failed to carry out the correct tests which would have exposed the ‘Diaries’ as fakes and forgeries, before shelling out massive amounts of money, printing newspapers and magazines, taking out adverts on TV and in papers everywhere. Apparently there was a video series, but I’m told it was not true to the real story.

    It may be an old book, but if you have not read it, it really is a great story. I could not put it down. You may recall the events at the time: the real story is so mad, so unreal, that it beats any work of detective fiction. And it’s all true.

    From Amazon:

    If it’s the Psychic Network why do they need a phone number?

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    Ed P
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    I remember ‘The Diaries’ being serialised in one of the Sundays.

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