A heads up if your looking for a new monitor.

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    keith with the teef

    I just moved to 27″ monitor. Its probs fair to say that it is the perfect size.

    I got me the Philips V line 273VQDAB.

    I am amazed at the image quality for photos and film. The screen also gives a better depth of field. Photos and film feel like you could put your hand in the screen and grab what you  see. Perhaps due to the high ppi and Games sometimes look better on it. Res evil 2=yes and Doom eternal=no.

    Its the depth of filed thats the killer though.

    What i do not like is it has internal power supply. I like external just incase it goes pop.

    Anyway, I’m a bear of small words and so I’m off.

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    Or one like mine – AOC 32″ QHD for a mere £150.

    Arch Linux, on a Ryzen 7 1800X, 16 GB, 5 (yes -5) HDs inc 2 SSDs, 4 RPi 3Bs + 1 RPi 4B - one as an NFS server with two more drives, PiHole (shut yours), Plex server, cloud server, and other random Pi stuff. Nice CoolerMaster case, NV GTX 1070 8GB, and a whopping 32" AOC 1440P monitor.

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