A Newspaper!

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    A Newspaper! 2Ed P

    Nice bit of coding. An RSS newspaper that looks like one.


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    A Newspaper! 3RSB
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    I don’t get ed. It just looks like a website importing feeds or am I missing something?

    Americans: Over Sexed, Over Payed and Over here, Wat Wat!

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    A Newspaper! 4Tippon
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    That made my eyes hurt :wacko:

    The text is tiny, too close to the next column, and words are chopped off at the end of the line, even if it’s only one letter spilling over. I’m going to pass on that one.

    A Newspaper! 5Bob Williams
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    Reads OK on my 24″ monitor up to a point, but still feeling it in my eyes like Ryan. Makes my brain hurt too.

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