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    I have recently drawn some plans using draw with a 1:50 scale, working in A4. I now have a very good A3  HP 7500A  office jet PSC, and I need to redraw some of these with larger area and want to be able to get the larger area drawing again at 1:50, and to print out in true 1:50 size on the printer.

    Since DRAW can be enlarged many times, it would seem that I should work at 1:100, then print to fit A3 thereby giving me an A3 sized 1:50 output.

    Is it that easy? The “page size” of draw seems to be fixed (at a notional A4 I suppose) but if I could tell it it was A3, then I could just work at 1:50 and print directly ion A3.

    I don’t want to spend hours overthinking this, AND get it wrong, maybe somebody can put me on a simple “correct” path.


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    Bob Williams
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    A4 page at (21 x 29.7) cm is 623.7 square cm in area.

    A3 page is (29.7 x 42) cm is 1247.4 sq. cm in area. That is exactly twice the area of an A3 page, but remember Les that is with both A4 and A3 in Portrait mode. I cannot see a reason why a ratio of 1:50 would not work, or rather a ratio of 1:2 (A3:A4) as long as both pages were worked and printed in either Landscape or Portrait, together.

    Could anyone else point to an error in that concept?

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    Dave Rice
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    I can’t see why that wouldn’t work as you’ll basically be doubling the length of a given line.

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