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    All-Electric Diesel Car 2Ed P

    If you fancy converting your old polluting diesel motor into an environmentally friendly electric model, all you will need is a new drop-in crate electric motor and the space and electrics for about 500Kg of lithium batteries!

    Putting aside the cost the plus-side would be a torque to die-for.

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    All-Electric Diesel Car 3Bob Williams
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    Very interesting Ed, keeping my eye on that.

    Here’s a thought to help get EV into the mainstream: there are 200,000 Motability vehicles leased by customers every year. Right now in 2019, around 684,000 on the road. If the price of E Vs were to be reduced to the point of the DLA/PIP allowance, how many Motability customers would ask for an EV? My guess is a lot, including myself. Atm, there are just a very few E Vs on Motability. Two examples:

    *Hyundai Ioniq 100KW Premium 38KWH auto, £1795 advance payment.

    *Renault Zoe  80KW 40 KWH. £2,499 AP.

    There are a LOT of Toyota hybrids, a few from others, and all carry an AP. Would it not advance the EV cause, and consequently the environment, to have some repeat volume sales from a ‘captive’ market?

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    All-Electric Diesel Car 4keith with the teef
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    Could do with one for the mower. The mower is already electric but because of all the rain and the lengh it has grown over the past 2 wet months then I need some thing with a bit more Umph.

    So I can cut the grass that is. :)

    All-Electric Diesel Car 6Drezha
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    I wouldn’t want to go back to a pure petrol car (I’ve never owned a diesel so can’t comment). My Golf GTE (well, previous firms, but my company car) was fantastic. I loved the pure electric mode (though it was 30 miles of range).

    We had to go for a Toyota Hybrid this time when we had to buy the car ourselves as our budget couldn’t stretch to a pure EV (and as we were moving, we couldn’t guarantee that that house we would move to would support charging). It’s not as good as the GTE, but we had to make some compromises!

    All-Electric Diesel Car 7Tippon
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    If the price of E Vs were to be reduced to the point of the DLA/PIP allowance, how many Motability customers would ask for an EV? My guess is a lot, including myself.

    I dont know if EVs have got the right public image. They’re great, and for the majority of people they’d probably be the right choice, but the perception seems to be that they’re awkward to charge and still have a short range, so for the elderly and disabled they’d be unsuitable.

    We know that’s not actually the case, but for people who don’t know much about cars, like my parents, that perception would be enough to put them off. Add to that the actual inconveniences like trying to charge one in a terraced street, and you’d probably find that the number of people asking for one would be quite small.

    As an aside, I’d love to get one, along with solar panels for the house, and get some free miles in :D

    All-Electric Diesel Car 8JayCeeDee
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    When I bought the latest car, I looked at a possible EV version. Loads of problems ensued.

    1. It was overpriced by comparison, heavily so.
    2. They were under-specced, ( petrol versions were similarly so ) compared to the diesel. High specced EV and petrol cars were as rare as rocking horse poo and carried a premium of £2k over comparable diesels.
    3. As Tippon alluded to in his post, the most benefit will be had by those with solar panels, and yes, you’ve guessed it, the Government dropped the incentives to get people to have them installed.**

    The end result was I now own a highly specced diesel, that suits my needs. Overall mpg for the last 6 months and 3000 miles  of mostly short trips from 2 – 20 miles has been 41.5 and a 200 mile round trip ( 80 mile motorway, 15 m A road and the last 5 around Kingston and Roehampton ) gave me 51.2 mpg.

    **Once Brexit is over and done with and the Government can get back to its proper job I look forward to the inducements to go electric, car and solar, in order for them to meet the zero carbon target by whatever date it is that they decide on ( Government flavour dependent!!) – I may then at that stage re-visit my auto choices ( lottery dependent!!)


    All-Electric Diesel Car 9wasbit
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    Then power the motor with an aluminum-air cell

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