AMD 6 series GPU news.

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    keith with the teef

    So. Lisa today talked about the new 6 series GPU’s but also went on to talk about the benifts of coupling the 5 series mobo with the latest ryzen and 6 series GPU.

    So in essence then a decoupled Xbox and Playstaion

    Chew on the fat for yourself in this Lisa is cute presentaion Mayb’s.


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    Ed P
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    THIS is another very good reason for going down the AMD route!

    If you have not got 30 minutes to spare Gizmodo gives a good précis.

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    Dave Rice
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    I like the idea of the GPU and CPU (and their ram) being able to talk to each other.

    keith with the teef
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    With these new cards from green and red team some peeps have been upto weird stuff and that is because these new cards have alot of GDDR and in this case have turned like 12GB of GRRD into a ram drive and then installed crysis on it and then played the game. :wacko:



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