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    keith with the teef

    Well seems AMD with its latest release of 7nm products is top trumps.

    The 5 series mobo’s do look to very expensive though PCI-E 4 and some other nice features for how much!!

    When you consider you can get the same performace from  a 4 series board with the latest 7nm cpu, gpu kit then whos gonna buy a 5 series board.

    Anyway, nice to see AMD on top again and they got loads of new kit to come out shortly in the new 7nm fab.

    Cannot wait. ?


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    Yes they are starting to look far more interesting and leave Intel in the shade these days. Both their CPU and their GPU lines are an up tick and their micro code appears to have avoided being blessed with the attack vectors Intel have collected. Clearly there are interesting times ahead.


    keith with the teef
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    I see why some may be tempted to buy a 5 series pci-e 4 mobo looking the latest pci-e 4 ssd speeds. Wow.

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