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    I was surprised to find no Commodore or similar categories, so I will post this here.

    Some time ago, I happened upon these two Amiga panels.

    The first says:–  Power Computing PC 526 Issue 1.A500 8MEG Memory.

    The second  :  Power Computing.  A500 Power Colour Scanner  PC519 Iss. 1.   (And YES, there was a “u” in colour.)

    Anyway, my original idea was to remove one or both of the 86 way sockets for use elsewhere (Oscilloscope stuff likely), but it occurred to me that they may be “like gold” to somebody.

    Anybody (first come), yours for the price of postage, and just hope I don’t need a connector shortly.


    Edit. The memory panel has 16 sockets, but only 4 chips, so it may only be 2MEG.

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    Did you know that power computing are still in business and you can find them at ? They don’t seem to do Amiga stuff these days though.

    I had a power colour hand held scanner for my Atari ST and it plugged into the serial port. I think what you have there is a faster interface card for the Amiga.

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