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    Bob Williams

    I know that a Google account holds all photos and contacts from an Android phone and can be restored from there, but what about other stuff on the phone? I am about to RMA SWMBO’s Wileyfox Spark, at their request, and would like to know if I can retain some domestic peace by ‘putting – it – back – as – it -was’, which is a well known female point of instruction. Well known to me, anyway. 😏🙄 SWMBO has a Google account shared and linked between her laptop and the phone.

    I have told the story in another Thread, but basically the Spark was upgraded from CM to Nougat automatically by WF. A few days later the 1.4GB upgrade necessitated the fitting of a 32GB SD card for more Internal storage, 32GB being the card recommended by WF. I did  this, formatted and set it correctly in Settings –> Storage & USB and it looked fine. Next day it reported a brand new card as ‘Incompatible’. So I fitted a new Samsung Evo and the same thing happened, this time phone said card was ‘corrupted’. I fitted a brand new 32GB SDHC SanDisk, having bought 2 I fitted the other to my Swift and it worked fine, set as Internal storage and I was able to transfer stuff from the phone’s own storage. The card in the Spark went TU, reported first as ‘incompatible’, then immediately after that, as ‘corrupted’. Having had enough by now, I began emailing WF and eventually this morning they asked me to RMA the phone for repair. Before I do this, I would like to back up the phone so that a reinstallation will be to the liking of my dear wife.

    I tried each card in a card reader on my PC after they had been corrupted in the phone. Neither card showed up in Windows Libraries, but appeared in Devices & Printers. I bought a new card reader and a new SD card today, did not fit in the phone, but tried both in the PC and they were detected onscreen. Went back to the old card reader with the new SD card and it appeared onscreen. Checked all my USB ports with a known good pendrive and the data was available. So I think I have proved that the phone Storage hardware has a problem.

    What does the team think? All advice gratefully accepted, as always.

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