Any fans of The Walking Dead here?

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    I’m not normally a Zombie fan but someone a while back suggested I watch The Walking Dead series on Fox.   So I watched the first couple of Series 1 and was slowly hooked.    Is anyone else a fan?

    What sets it apart for me are four things.   First, it has never been shy of killing off major characters, so as might occur in any post apocalyptic scenario all survivors are as vulnerable as each other.    Second, the way over the 9 Seasons characters have been developed.  For example, ‘Carol’ started as a timid housewife and over the seasons is toughened up by the world she has to live and survive in until by Season 9 she is a tough middle aged cookie quite proficient with weapons and no longer slow to use them if necessary.    Third, survivors have banded into communities in tribal fashion and hence the threats to any community come not only from the The Walking Dead but also from conflicts and effectively wars with other communities.   Fourth, the environment ages as it would.  For example early on modern firearms are available but as time passes over the years ammunition starts to run out and bows and arrows become the mainstay stand-off weapon.   The same is true re transport.   Cars and Trucks in the earlier seasons moving more and more to horse and cart over the years as fuel runs out.

    All nine seasons, about 15 shows in each, are up on Fox.  So if you become gripped by it as I have you’ll have lots to catch up on.  (Season 10 is out in the USA)


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    I stopped watching it at the start of season 8, IIRC.  I just didn’t enjoy it as much.

    I’m a huge fan of Zombie films/ series. Z Nation is a cracker and I’m currently enjoying Santa Clarita Diet.


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