Anybody on an old Sky TV package??

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    Any of you all that are on an old Sky package would have noticed the recent increases.Well, I thought that I’d look around for a new Broadband deal as I considered I was on the best TV deal for us.

    First port of call was to TalkTalk as I’d seen a recent ad for their deals. Their BB and Talk package had a BB speed that was up a notch from mine and their deal included the line rental for £26.50 a month. Call package was £8.50 for anytime calls.

    Second call was to Sky using the VIP number. She tried, but couldn’t get me a matching deal with them, so I asked to speak to the cancellation team for a MAC code. They put me through and the guy was very helpful and matched the TT package for BB and Talk, then went on to tell me that I was on an outdated TV package ( £45 for their Box Sets deal ) and did I also want a cheaper deal for that?? It turns out that they now have a ” Sky Signature ” pack that gives me the Box Sets that I had before, plus all the TV channels from before ( except for the Kids channels that we never used or needed ) for £25 a month, which included a £6 ‘in contract discount’. I accepted.

    I don’t take Sky’s Cinema package, instead I use Now TV, for about £3.50 – £4.95 a month for 3 – 4 months via their discounted deals. I tell them I’ll get vouchers from Ebay if they try to charge me the full £11.95 a month. This is what I’ve been doing with them for over two years now.

    This was all about a fortnight ago and they have been as good as they said. BB is now 60Mb down and 18Mb up instead of 35 and 9. Call package is unchanged, except for a TT-matching discount. TV package has all the same channels, not noticed any differences or losses, except the Kids. The overall monthly bill is now £68.50 instead of £100. To say I’m well pleased is an understatement.

    I know Sky isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but it suits the wife’s choice of TV content, from old films to murder/mysteries, crime documentaries and news, and when she’s happy, I am too!!

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