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    Anyone else hate Exp. Polystyrene? 2Bob Williams

    During the last few weeks here at the new place, I have been opening boxes and building so much stuff, all of which comes encased in bloody polystyrene. I should add here that I am OCD regarding some aspects of life. I have always washed my hands much more than recommended by the current advice, a crooked picture or other wall hanging irritates the crap out of me. Everything I ever do has to be done absolutely correct and I have to scrupulously clean up after every activity. This has annoyed those closest to me over the years and I have learned to be quiet about things I see. Imagine living with the world’s most untidy teenage son, for example, and being OCD about neatness and everything in its place! While at the same time living with a teenage daughter who is as OCD as me, and a wife who changes furniture around and moves other stuff about, every few weeks. We make compromises….

    So today I opened the last box for what I hope is a while: new tumble dryer. Whole base, top and sides totally encased in polystyrene. AAAAAGGGGGHHHH! Bits everywhere, all over the floor! Took me ages to clean up after I took the casings up to the big wheelie bins that serve our apartment blocks. I know that I will be looking for more tiny pieces for a while. Tomorrow my son and grandson are coming up to put the new dryer on top of the washer, using a kit I sent for. That was enclosed in – guess what? I know that I will have to just leave him with it and walk away, because I have learned over the years that he works in his own way and his own way works. It just isn’t my way, but he will get it done and I will clean up after him.

    Son and daughter are now 51 and 50, so I had a lot of time to find compromises. But he still drives daughter and me mad!

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