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    Athlon 3000G 2Dave Rice

    Just finished and delivered a SOHO PC.

    • Thermaltake Versa H17 No Win
    • Aerocool Cylon 400W Fully Wired 80+ PSU/Power Supply
    • Crucial 8GB DDR4 2400 MT/sPC4-1920017 SR x8
    • WD Blue 500GB 3D NAND SSD M.2 2280
    • MSI A320M-A PRO MAX AMD AM4 mATX Motherboard
    • AMD Athlon 3000G 3.5GHz

    I’m never sure about the Athlons and NVMe drives so decided to stick with the WD Blue. It still boots in <20 seconds from cold.

    I picked the MSI A320M-A PRO MAX as it will take the new 3rd generation AMDs with the original BIOS. Something you have to watch out for with AM4 boards (CCL used to have a free BIOS upgrade service but it seems no longer).

    Any worries I had about not going for a Ryzen 3 soon disappeared. It eats SOHO tasks for breakfast and everything is very snappy.

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    Athlon 3000G 3keith with the teef
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    Yes, those small soc as dramatically powerfull in real terms.

    MSI bios update is v good.

    EDIT. My low life media PC happily plays NFS most wanted from 2005 at 60fps full eyecandy and the CPU GPU does not go above 37C. No need to enable game mode.

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