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    Dave Rice
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    Here’s what I think. It’s not saying that with a 5 x 10TB array 99% of files would be unreadable, that’s clearly nonsense. What I take it to mean is that there is a 99% chance that there are unreadable files on there.

    So taking it back to someone with 2TB of files on a single drive, 1 out of 8 people will absolutely have some corrupt files. The problem is you can’t say who or how many or which ones (don’t give a damn about the temp drive). It’s Russian roulette.

    For us the occasional photo is a PITA, for a Wedding photographer that could be a real reputation issue. For historical archives, even personal ones like Ed’s, it’s potentially devastating.

    After the DVD dye issues we all see HDDs as a safe haven for our memories. Synology are just pointing out it isn’t necessarily so and there is an answer for those for who it really matters which doesn’t cost the earth.


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    Makes you wonder if in the ‘old days’ we were better off with albums!! 👅

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    The Duke
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    This is the reason I have my family photos on a number of cloud sites Google, Flickr, then a mass dump on ms and mega.

    I now upload all photos via my phone and my phone sends all pics to their relevant places. I’ll then take the tile to put pics into albums in Google and flickr. But leave the other two as one big blob of photos.

    I no longer keep photos on a pc at home.


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    • @blacklion1725
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    Very similar approach Duke – I still keep a local PC version as I find it easier for uploading non-phone pics. If I’m away I always take my little compact 30x zoom camera, copy the pics to the my PC/server and upload to flickr/google/onedrive from there. For phone pics my approach is exactly the same as yours.

    Very pleased that flickr is still around – got an email that Yahoo had sold it (I think) but hope it hangs on as it is a great service.


    Bob Williams
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    Well I am left cursing the fact that I sold on the Slide & Negative Scanner * that I used to convert Fil’s old slides and neg’s to digital form. Daughter has just “found” some more slides, and even older B&W negatives. I considered buying another scanner, but would be faced with the same problem: when the “found” ones are converted, what use would it be? Have to sell another one, cheapest I have seen new is £55. So I asked at a Photographic shop in Louth: 100+ slides and 50+ neg’s, digitalised onto a CD and a USB drive, £80. Worth it to me, as they promise to use their software to edit each photo to make them all sparkly, better than my efforts. This way I can spread the pic’s around the family and let the grandbrats have a laugh at dad and auntie as babies and toddlers.

    I have all our photos on my NAS, external Hdd and Google Drive.

    *Thanks to someone here nagging me to move stuff on…

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Viewing 5 posts - 10 through 14 (of 14 total)

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