Because Everythings On Surveillance (BeOS)

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    Ed P

    Sorry about the contrived headline!

    This is a short note to let Forumites know that yet another option exists to the common or garden A$pple, M$, Linux operating systems. This is the blast from the past BeOS, the NeXT operating system that very nearly was the one chosen for Apple Macs.

    If you want to try it, then you have to use its reincarnation, Haiku.  This is a fully (sort of) working system that will certainly form an additional challenge to anyone trying to place malware on your system as well as give GCHQ/NSA a little extra work. I’d recommend installing it as a VM to try it out as Haiku has a two-weekly update cycle! If you do, give it a minimum of 1Gb of ram (I use 2Gb), as the Os needs slightly over 500Mb.

    [Lee if you see this post everything works!]

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    Haiku about Haiku

    It works and is free
    Harder than it may appear
    This could bring a smile

    Never trust an atom - they make up everything !

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