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    Bob Williams

    I have been getting steadily more fed up with Firefox, which I used to love. IMO, it has become more interested in gazing at its own navel than running a good, efficient browser. FF seems to be trying to become a cross between Google and an AV programme. The advent of those dumb messages across the bottom of the screen, is the last straw. Whilst rebuilding my son’s machine, he asked me definitely not to put FF on it as he hated it, but had been using Chrome and loved it. So I have been thinking about using Chrome myself, asking anyone who uses it for advice: does it transfer stuff such as Bookmarks OK? Is it lighter than the now top-heavy FF?

    I will switch if it’s worth it when I upgrade to Win 10 next week. Meanwhile I intend to take a look at my FF Bookmarks, as I have hundreds of the things, some of which I have not used and probably never will. I have all website details saved in my little A5 book anyway. What do Chrome users think? This will finally Googlefy my PC life!

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    keith with the teef
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    Try Opera.

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    I switched from FF about three years ago – and I went to Chrome….. I’ve found it superb overall, can’t really think of any major hiccups. It’s slightly memory heavy, but I’ve got 8Gb so it doesn’t really impact too much. 16Gb and I would never notice.

    I don’t notice any slowdowns, but when opening Task Manager it shows 60 – 80% total memory usage, depending on how many pages and tabs I have open – mostly quite a few!! Currently at 70% with 1 x 9-tab page and 1 x 1-tab streaming radio page.

    Instructions below for importing into Chrome what you need from FF.


    Import bookmarks & settings
    You can switch browsers without losing your settings and all the bookmarks for your favourite websites. Depending on the browser that you used, your settings can include the following info:

    browsing history
    default homepage
    default search engines
    saved passwords
    Add bookmarks to Chrome

    To import bookmarks from most browsers, such as Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari:

    On your computer, open Chrome.
    At the top-right, click More  .
    Select Bookmarks   Import Bookmarks and Settings.
    Select the program that contains the bookmarks that you’d like to import.
    Click Import.
    Click Finished.


    Info from HERE .

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    You might like to try Pale Moon which is based on Firefox. I’ve been using it for a number of years.

    I’ve linked to the FAQ page


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    Ed P
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    There is actually little to choose between Chrome and Firefox browser speeds, with many saying that Chrome is slower. Your slowdown suggests that something has gone wrong. First try ‘refreshing’ Firefox.

    Cache can be a big source of problems but a refresh is a nuclear option that fixes that issue. The other problem area is Javascript as advertisers load on more crud and the Google tracking spy is often quite slow. NoScript kills that nicely and does not adversely affect too many sites.

    However if all else fails try Midori or Vivaldi link

    Dave Rice
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    I use both on a daily basis. My private life is in Chrome and my Business in FF. It just makes it easier in my brain 😀

    I know what you mean about FF Bob, but I don’t find it gets in my way. After years in Google land I seem to automatically filter out these things. The best thing I’ve done is get a PiHole running (thank you Drezha) and when I didn’t have one for a few days it really rammed home just how monetised everywhere is and how much that slows things down.

    If you’re heavily into the Google world, which I am and no bad thing, then you cannot live without Chrome. But I can honestly say I’m happy with FF looking after my non Google world.

    I reckon your next project should be a PiHole. The Raspberry Pi 3 Official Desktop Starter Kit is £50 on Amazon. The O/S is already installed on the SD card with the NOOBS installer. Once that’s sorted you can unplug it from mouse, monitor and keyboard and use VNC Viewer to remotely access it – RPi have licenced it.

    Setting up the PiHole is automated, the instructions are here. As part of the PiHole installation it’ll let you set a fixed IP if you want (it’s a good idea). Once PiHole is working you then change the DNS server IP address in the DHCP server on your router to the PiHole, reboot the PC’s and phones and most of the ads will be gone.

    Any ads that are hard wired into a webpage you can never stop, but most go off to an ad server (so the ads can be targetted / rotated) and PiHole blocks those ad servers.

    I think you’ll enjoy the process and I’m sure GS will be impressed 😀

    Bob Williams
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    Thanks guys, all useful advice and food for thought. Going to give it all some  what remaining brain space there is.

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    Mark Turner
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    Does PiHole work on the first gen Rasp Pi without any performance impact? I have never used it “PiHole” but I have a gen 1 Pi  sat in a box doing nothing


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    I switched from FF to Chrome quite a while back now, so started using FF for Alice’s email account and Google activity. I don’t know if it’s the way I’ve got FF set up, but it feels clunky and old fashioned compared to Chrome, but I don’t notice much difference in speed. Chrome usually uses more resources because I have more tabs open, and lots of them are Facebook pages, which can be a real drain. One thing that really bugs me though is that FF uses a dark blue background for its pinned start menu icon, where everything else uses light blue, so it’s jarring.

    I’ve recently tried Opera again on three systems, and while it’s good, the quick dial comes preloaded with ads in the form of sponsored links, and on all three systems it imported the bookmarks from my default browser without giving me a choice. On my laptop it took over as default browser too. I know I didn’t select the wrong option because I was double checking every choice during installation to see if it had asked me to import bookmarks and I’d missed it. It’s not the end of the world for us on this forum to fix, but it annoyed me. The built in VPN is handy and works really well. I’ve tried it on a few blocked sites, and I can’t see a difference in loading speeds compred to normal sites with it off.

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    PiHole works on a Pi Zero, o the original Pi would be no issues at all. It deals with the DNS queries only, so it’s relatively low hit to the performance. If you want to view the stats on the webpage etc, that takes a bit more time.

    I use Chrome at work (as it’s installed by IT so it’s either that or Edge or IE!) and at home I use Firefox – the killer feature for me is the Container Tabs. I use that so I can browse my own Microsoft account, my Work O365 account and my cadet O365 account seperate from each other and not worry about log ins.

    I’ve played with Vivaldi in the past and been impressed with that – it’s Chrome for power users really! Lots of configuration options and you can make the browser your own. Uses Chrome extensions as well, so it’s expanable.

    I gave up on Opera when it went to the Chrome backend and then I’ve since heard that the inbuilt VPN is Chinese, so I’ve not really trusted it since then. I could be wrong however…

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