Camping bridgend recommend camp site.

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    keith with the teef

    Could anyone recommend a goodly camping site. As in cheep and cheerfull close to bridgend.

    I’m liking the look of the dunes and coast line there. Somewhere new to explore.


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    Not been down there for 12 months, but you could try –
    The food at the pub has always been good when we’ve eaten there.

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    No idea about a campsite, way to close to my home.

    If you are into history take a few hours or so and visit possibly the oldest church in the UK.

    When you mention the sand dunes I’m guessing it’s Merthyr Mawr you’re on about. It’s lovely all along the coast there.


    Ed P
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    I’d personally go a bit farther to The Gower Peninsular.

    According to Google there are seven sites actually on The Gower. Sorry I cannot recommend anything as it is over 60 years since I went camping there!

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    Dave Rice
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    +1 for the Gower (and beyond) even if you can’t make it this time.

    keith with the teef
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    Ok good stuff.  Getting the tent out of the attack today and away sat. Hopefully Wales does not suffer from midges like Scotland at this time of year.






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