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    Marc Berry

    Hi guys

    i just downloaded UEBS for my sons and thought i wouldnt have an issue playing it. however it constantly crashed with the main error saying something about low memory.  then by using windowed, 720p mode and setting all quality settings to Low it played one battle. the second battle crashed the whole computer so i could hear sound but the monitor led went amber indicating no signal.

    the cpu should be fine, i7-2600k at 4ghz

    memory is ‘only’ 8gb, could this be the issue? this was overkill last time i was looking at upgrades a few years back

    my ssd is only, i think, 60gb and only has a couple of gig spare and i am constantly trying to free up space

    the GPU is a radeon 5700.

    motherboard is asus p8p67 i think without opening up the case

    i tried upping the page file to 4096 but not sure this has really helped.


    1) any ideas if i can get it running with this set up?

    2) if i have to upgrade anything, what would have the most chance of helping?

    3) any other thoughts or suggestions?

    cheers all

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