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    Back in December I was going to buy the 450 Mbps version of the access point Dave mentions here:

    I didn’t get around to it then, but now both my temporary access point, an old Asus router, and my TalkTalk router seem to be giving me problems. The Asus router keeps forgetting wifi devices until it’s rebooted, and the TalkTalk router is giving me about 75% of the internet speed that my Vodafone router used to give and with a fraction of the features. I noticed that the TP-Link access point only has a 10/100 Mbps ethernet port, and as everything wired is gigabit, it seems to defeat the object.

    I want to either replace my router with something a bit better, or get something to go between the router and my devices so that the connections are a bit more stable, and I don’t have to set everything up if I change ISP again. I’ve got a few devices with fixed IP addresses for example.

    This is currently available through Amazon for £30, and would seem to either replace my router or go between.

    £30 is about all I want to spend given the fact that my house kills signals, and it would be a (long term) temporary fix until I eventually run wires to the other side of the house. Do you think it would be any good?

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    Dave Rice
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    This is so hard to advise without a site survey, especially as I know you have issues. I think the answer is it can’t be worse ? 5ghz will get eaten by the building quicker than 2.4

    I’ve been having a lot of success with strategically placed £15 tp-link wa850re n300 range extenders. Placement is everything which is fine if you have a mains socket in the right area.


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    Thanks Dave 🙂

    Most of my kit is used in the living room, so I’m just going to concentrate on that for now. The phones work on 4G through the house, so that’s not too bad. We’ve got a fire stick downstairs (the living room’s upstairs), and I use the tablet in the garage and bedroom, so they can be annoying. I’ve got some cheap wireless extenders that I’ve tried in the past, but I don’t get enough of a signal in the other rooms.

    I think I’ll go for the router and see how it gets along 🙂

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