Chromebook Security.

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    Chromebook Security. 2Bob Williams

    As a Malwarebytes Premium user, I receive Malwarebytes Newsletters. Although usually there is not much in them to catch my eye, this was interesting:

    Not just applicable to Chromebook users, but also to the Android o/s and, scrolling further down, Mac users. I never suspected that Mac malware outpaced Windows malware 2:1. – check the link. Now I don’t have the knowledge and experience of others here, and I have none whatsoever about either Chromebooks or macs, but it is a little thought-provoking. The general conclusion of the article, is that a Chromebook and Android AV may not be necessary yet, but caution is necessary.

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    Chromebook Security. 3Ed P
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    Although Google makes a good job of keeping the Play Store clean, Android malware does exist, as do exploits to break into the Chrome sandbox. Luckily the criminals work on a bang for the buck basis and there are easier ways of conning money from both Android and Chromebook users. As a result rich naive Apple users are the target for more costly malware development.

    Chromebook Security. 4PlaneMan
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    As usual the weak point is the user.

    I hardly use anything but ChromeOs and Android.  I have Mint on my X220 but that’s rarely used these days.

    Chromebook Security. 5The Duke
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    I agree with pm, it’s mostly user error. I’ve never had an issue on Android and been using it since version 1.1. the same with chrome os, though I don’t use it no more, my machine just wasn’t up to it in the end.

    The one issue I have/had with chrome os is regarding you needing to use your Google master password. Today with fingure print login, this would negate this issue completely.

    I always wanted to be able to set a password/code or something as in the end, cos you have to log in every time, I ended up changing my Google password so something far less secure.

    I did buy one of the Google authentication keys, bit never got around to setting it up. Mainly as it looked to complicated and I didn’t want to lock myself out of my main account.

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