Classic Shell Replacement

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    Ed P

    If you find that Windows updates are making Classic Shell play-up then you may want to check up its replacement OpenShell.

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    Dave Rice
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    I’m trying to wean my customers off Classic Shell and onto the Windows 10 gui. The problem is it’s not really like Windows XP or 7 beneath the desktop, you still have to deal with Settings rather than Control Panel. TBH Settings is a lot more logical than CP ever was.

    When it comes to it people still run things from the Taskbar or a shortcut and once I get them using the much better Search when they get lost I’m finding the objections are going away.

    The Duke
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    I’ve always found 10 to be fine. Use the search bar for everything. I like 10 quite a bit.

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    I mostly use the W10 GUI but I still keep a shortcut to control panel classic view pinned to my task bar, just can’t help my self 😁

    Ed P
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    I still prefer Control Panel, it is a LOT easier to find stuff.

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