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    Ed P
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    The Fleischmann–Pons Cold-Fusion experiment was essentially driven by electricity+catalysis. Conventional nuclear scientists had a fit as they knew no way that electricity could cause nuclear reactions as a result the whole Low Energy Nuclear Reaction field is ‘pariah science’, and only very brave scientists work in this field being subject to ridicule by their peers.

    It looks now that the LENR scientists may have cause for a gentle smile as conventional nuclear physics has recently been rocked by the discovery that common or garden Lightning causes nuclear reactions and the production of esoteric isotopes. Link

    Watch all the Tokamac/Jet crowd scramble to try and disprove this finding otherwise some of their funding might evaporate.


    Bob Williams
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    Interesting and thought-provoking Ed, as are many of your contributions. I shall read that later, as we are off to the seaside in VERY cold conditions.

    From the Lincolnshire Arctic.

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