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    I have recently re-installed W7 onto a PC I have just upgraded – after installation I got a message basically suggesting that I should upgrade to W10 as the mobo and CPU (?) would provide better security under W10.  Downloaded the MC Tool and did the business – PC seems to be running just fine.

    I remember the last time I did a backup copy of a W10 installation I screwed it up and was unable to restore it when required.

    Can anyone suggest how I undertake this, this time – so that if anything goes wrong I can re-install from a disk copy / image??

    Would a disk image do the trick?

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    Dave Rice
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    I’ve been using ToDO Backup (free)

    You can create an emergency USB / CD / ISO based on WinPE or Linux to boot from.


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    I use WD True Image Free (if you have a WD HDD) or Paragon Backup & Recovery (free)

    However, I backup to antoher partition discs aren’t big enough or life time gauranteed (after shrinking C:) I re create a backup after Windows has updated.

    I also backup to USB drives if you don’t want to shrink. That is as long as your rig can see USBs on boot (dos) recovery mode.

    Only last night I screwed up C: and booted from the true image (disc) and recovered C: from the backup, back to normal.


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    Alan Wood
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    I use Macrium Reflect Free version to produce a disk image of the drive on which Windows is installed together with any small system drive that is shown on the drive map.


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    I’ve been using ToDO Backup (free) You can create an emergency USB / CD / ISO based on WinPE or Linux to boot from.

    +1 for TODO, used it successfully on about  a dozen machines so far where friends have screwed up their PCs – luckily I’d previously done them a TODO image after installation/upgrade.

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