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    Dodgy electrics Asus p8h77-v le mobo 2Mark Turner

    A work mate phoned me up Monday saying his wife pressed the power button on their computer and heard a pop then computer was dead. He dropped it off at my front door I plugged it in the power supply was dead so I attached an old psu from the shed and it all fired up he also said windows did an update and non of the programs would work so whilst it was fired up I run sfc and it found errors and fixed them restarted the programs were working again.

    The specs are

    Asus p8h77-v le mobo

    intel I5 3550

    4 gig corsair vengeance

    60 gig kingston ssdnow 300

    2tb wd spinner which was unused

    and a powercool p4 compliant modular 750w psu

    I replaced the psu with a new Be quiet power 9 400w psu

    Installed update and played around with it for a few hrs it was working perfect.

    I called him yesterday to come and get it then I get a phone call today saying I have just plugged it in started it up and all he got was a message saying power surge computer shut down or words to that effect. Bring it back to mine I said. I plugged it in got to the Bios and the ssd was showing but only as 2 gig I restarted it a few time and each time the ssd either didn’t show or was showing up as random letters and other mumbo jumbo so I assume the power surge has killed it (could its failing have something to do with the original errors after the update? Would its failure also cause the mobo to shut down the computer due to a surge?) I have installed windows on the spinner and all seems fine apart from the obvious boot up speed differences. He said it was plugged into a surge protector at home his grandson had been playing on his ps4 connected to the same protector prior to unplugging it all and reconnecting the computer. I have read the Asus surge protector on the motherboards can be a little funny at times but in this case it seems to have done its job. My problem is if I give him back the pc now fully working will I end up back at square 1? Original¬† psu went pop when pressing the on button he gets it back with a new psu and instantly has a surge problem which kills the ssd or was the ssd giving up the ghost or is his problem the surge protector its all plugged into or finally total bad luck. The pc is working fine here his wife wants another ssd as she like the speed but I don’t want to buy one and set it all up for it to go bang again. Sorry about the rant but what do you guys think?

    Cheers Mark

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    Dodgy electrics Asus p8h77-v le mobo 3Ed P
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    Tell him you suspect the electrics in his house before returning it. My guess is that the grandson did something daft, and may have actually  nadgered the surge protector, so ask him to try it without the surge unit. (unless you are in an area with overhead electric supply cables and prone to lightning, they are pretty useless anyway)

    If the repaired pc works ok then talk about replacing the SSD.

    Dodgy electrics Asus p8h77-v le mobo 2Mark Turner
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    Thanks Ed that’s what I said about dodgy electrics in his house from what I can gather it is an old prefab in a field with a few other houses around so doesn’t inspire confidence .

    Dodgy electrics Asus p8h77-v le mobo 5Wheels-Of-Fire
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    Could there be some strange electrical fault with one of his peripherals ?

    Dodgy electrics Asus p8h77-v le mobo 6Dave Rice
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    I had a similar problem with the sister of a work colleague. When I probed a bit I found they went through TVs and white goods at a rate too.

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