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    While you are considering OEMs with dodgy software and problems with their security another one has rocked up involving one of yours I think;

    Are you going to consider putting CISCO on the dodgy step?

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    Dave Rice
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    Flaws in Chinese kit are always certified back doors. Flaws in US kit are just software glitches.

    I wonder which Govt was using the WhatsApp spyware?

    Ed P
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    Easier one to answer – which countries that support free speech were not using the spyware? It is telling that despite the spyware giving root access the advice is just to update the app. No mention of a factory reset being required to get rid of the monitoring programs it loaded!.

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    I thought this was in regards to the news that he’s declared another state of emergency this time regarding tech, effectively banning Chinese kit.

    Dave Rice
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    Just heard on the news he did similar to ZTE then lifted it as a personal favour to Xi Jinping. It couldn’t have been about tech secrets then?

    The Duke
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    The US is just terrified it going to lose its spying ability if the world adopts 5G, give it can’t deliver it yet. And won’t be able for about 5 years.

    It’s all BS. He has upped the anti, as the uk has folded and agreed to continuing using hauwei for its wired Internet and roll out their 5g.

    All of our back bone is uses hauwei kit, and most Internet provider use their routers too. Have done for years. The issue now is if 5g take of they way it should, basically moving people off wired on to wireless, the US can’t spy on it. Or it will make it exteemly hard for them.

    At them mo spying is way for all, if hauwei fill out 5g, it will put the US in the dark. If anything he should say, we have to ban it cos only the chinese may have access, and they won’t let America spy anymore. That is the issue.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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