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    Faulty? SODIMM 2Jukebox

    Hi All. I bought from eBay an 8GB PC3L sodimm to replace a 4GB one in a Dell laptop. In arrived loose in an envelope! – no antistatic etc.(will people never learn?). On switching on I got the dreaded 2 beeps which is Dell’s code for a suspect DIMM. I then checked the Laptop spec and found the m/b only supported 4GB! Would you have expected an 8GB to work although only showing 4GB or do you think the DIMM is probably shot. I don’t want to sell it on if it’s duff and don’t want to send it back if it’s OK! and I have no other way of testing it. What do you think?

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    Faulty? SODIMM 3Dave Rice
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    I think it’s OK. As well as capacity there is single / double sided to consider in the “supported” mix.

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