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    Has anyone been using the Firefox Containers addon? I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s one of the best add ons I’ve come across in a long time.

    Basically, it allows you to create different containers for different websites and these can open in a container, seperated from the rest of the browsing (i.e. no cross site cookie checking etc). I guess it’s similar to opening a new Firefox instance with a different profile, but it’s all in a single browser.

    For me, the ability to sign in to multiple accounts on the same browser is a god send. I can access Office 365 for work and cadets without having to constantly sign in and out of each account. Doesn’t sound that bad, but Outlook/Microsoft doesn’t handle it as nicely as Google does, so having the seperate containers helps a lot.

    I guess I could set my banking up to open in a seperate container, but I hadn’t set that up.

    Only downside is that the containers don’t sync between machines, but hey ho!

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    Dave Rice
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    Could be very useful with my work / home split. Sometimes I need to log into things as my customer too.

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