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    Dave Rice

    As it says, did my first Ryzen build today, very impressed. Ryzen 3 2200G, MSI B450M PRO-M2 , 8GB ram, WD Green 240GB M2, Thermaltake H17 case and Thermaltake Litepower 450 watt 80 plus PSU.

    Tidy or what ? It’s silent too.

    One glaring error on behalf of AMD and MSI. The HSF has a bulge at the top for the sole purpose of stating it’s AMD. The first ram slot is a couple of mm too close so the bulge just obscures the slot. You cannot rotate the HSF by 180 degrees as then the lead to the fan header is too short, but annoyingly not by much.

    This thing is fast, in the time it took me to empty the dishwasher Windows 10 had installed itself to the interactive stage. Everything just zips along.

    After Keefs problems with the  A320 board and 200GE I decided the £20 extra for the B450 was worth it. There is a complicated matrtix of chipsets and CPUs with regards pci-e, SATA, M2, NVMe and their associated interrupts that does your head in. An M2 should work with any CPU but NVMe requires a Ryzen, that much I worked out, but I can see why Keef is having issues.

    The next build is going to be a 200GE but I’ll be sticking with the B450 boards as it’s for a start up who need a couple of budget office machine now but if all goes well we can drop in a Ryzen later. An M2 is super quick anyway so I’m not that worried about NVMe, same with the ram and the obscured slot, 8GB on a single stick will be fine.

    I did look at Intel but AMD have the i3 and below market stitched up IMO. Probably the same with the i5 vs Ryzen 5 but I’ve no need to go there yet.

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    My Q6600 is still in situ on the motherboard Chris (spike09) sent me when I was getting into folding.

    If I fired that rig up now my electric meter would go berserk!

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