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    Well first of it’s gone very quiet over the past day or two, as the forum broken? I was watching this today, as something like this happened to me, Hold on, I can here an odd noise coming over the garden fence.


    Any how, I hope all had a Merry Christmas and have plenty of reserve to get you through the new year. I think Ill need a prime now delivery of beer tomorrow to get me over the line. Saying that I have only had a few Morrison own beer since last Friday. It’s been a stinker of Christmas here. If something could go wrong it as has gone wrong “In Style”. Maybe I am getting old but this year it’s been like a long week that will never end. Any how 😀 , “Chin Chin”, I picked that up from the new Poiret on BBC “abc murders”.

    It’s that time of the year again were I do some major changes to forumite. I can not actually remember if this is the second or third birthday of forumite coming up but none the less I am doing very little. Just a few fixes, remove a few things not used and so on. Poor Keith with the teeth keeps getting blocked by the country blocking even though is IP is UK so that’s on my to do list. Ill be removing the reviews sections as no one has used it. I may remove the slide login and go back to a standard login page but not 100 % on that at the moment. None the less, minus a few glitches she has not done to bad this year.

    A few things I do want to do through the year if it all possible are:

    Help my local cat rescue out some how, not sure how yet but it wont effect anyone here.

    One thing I have been getting a lot of is businesses wanting links from forumite to there own website with an offer of money or link exchange. Mostly these businesses have been of no interest to me and I very doubt they would have interested anyone here. With forumite being a nice, clean none spam website, links to others websites can help push them up the google ladder. So it got me thinking………

    I may create on the home page a space for 20 or so businesses from the UK to advertise each month. But! they will not be paying by cash. Instead they can pay by creating a blog post in there particular field of business. Plumber, Gardner, cook and so on. Anything that could be useful or interesting to read. Anyhow I’ll look at putting some feelers out next year on that one.

    Other than that there will be little changes around here unless I get the itch 🙂

    Some people may remember that I asked for colour combos for a project through the year. Well I settled on Ubuntu colours. That project is still ongoing but I do want that finished before new years “Very Unlikely if not Impossible” .

    I have not much more to say, my head feels like its full of fluff and everything is at a distance, I think I need a chill day. None the less…………………………………………………


    Americans: Over Sexed, Over Payed and Over here, Wat Wat!

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    I remember Northwick Park for several reasons, even though I don’t think I ever went there.

    Firstly was the “Elephant Man Drug Trial” back in 2006 and later the ludicrous waste of money spent on new hospital trolleys that wouldn’t fit through the majority of the hospital’s doors!! ( I remember it well but can’t find anything online about it.)


    Bob Williams
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    Bob was that Para pub up a small road / alley off the high street heading in to the main town centre walkway?

    Mark, it sounds similar, but after (gulp!) almost 53 years I cannot be certain. And I was blinded by love (or something like it) and several alcoholic beverages at the time. It was certainly a blind alley for me!

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    ― Philip K. Dick, legendary SF writer.


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    Today did not go well… We arrived there is good time and were called in at about the right time,then a wait, wait wait while Michele had her hour and a half of reruns of the scans they did before before never reaching the therapy stage. Unfortunately her co-morbidities exact a toll so when she was told to lie down with arms raised then move this way and that way arms up down and sideways then sit up slide about and do it all again, things went less down hill and more vertical power dive.

    A rushed GP appointment this evening has resulted in a heavily topped up supply of the ‘must be signed for’ tablets and clear instructions to take as many as possible of various supplies before Mondays rerun. I am not looking forward to that ‘experience, the traffic today was still in the New Year honeymoon phase, it won’t be next week.

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