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    Been wrestling this afternoon with my new Mac Mini. I gave in and bought one of the new end of 2018 Mac Mini’s. Main use is my desktop – I know, Linux and Windows could probably do just as well, but I like the Mini.

    However, Apple’s policy of “it just works” doesn’t seem to have come in to effect today! Part of the reason I bought the mac mini was to replace my Synology that’s now three years old. Intention was to use the Mac as the always on machine. Installed with VNC, I could access at any time, and make use of the excellent Hazel app. However, trying to set up file sharing on the Mac today with the correct permissions etc has just been a nightmare. Even Windows seems to be far better than this! Whatever I tried, I couldn’t lock down specific folders to only read access unless it was me or I couldn’t sort out other aspects. Overall, a bit of a PITA. Not sure if this was an issue of the Raspberry Pi I was using for testing or what.

    Looks like I may have to end up with the Synology still… after all, it runs Resilo Sync fine, so I’m not running in to any issue syncing between devices.

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    Dave Rice
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    Synology is hard to beat, after all they’re designed to work with anything and everything.

    The DS112j I bought for testing 5 years ago is still in use as a backup target and but has had the original 1TB drive replaced by a 3TB Toshiba P300. The first one I managed was a DS214 and that’s been running 24/7 since Oct 14 and still has the original pair of 1TB WD Greens. The monthly health check shows no bad sectors whatsoever on either of them. Both are still fully supported and receive all the updates and patches.

    My latest, a DS218+, is capable of running an Active Directory Server (part of Samba) and that’s my next project. Bringing AD to small businesses for a fraction of the price and easy management.

    As far as total cost of ownership goes they are a real bargain.

    Alan Wood
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    Been running a DS210j for maybe 10 years without a single problem. It gets used every day. Synology are tops  for me.

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