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    • @planeman
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    What a cracking new phone but the price is eye watering.

    I love the squeeze to activate the assistant, fingerprint sensor on the back (just like the LG G5) and the Shazam a-like song recognition.

    Seeing as I’d go for the XL the starting price SIM free is £799, even if I had that kind of money spare I’m not sure I could spend it on a phone!

    Have a drool here.


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    • @blacklion1725
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    yeah it’s in the realm of “too valuable to take anywhere” – for me anyway. Great looking phone though.


    Bob Williams
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    • @bullstuff2
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    Not as expensive as the iPhoneX:

    But it appears to outdo it in every department. Anyone with deep enough pockets, comparing these phones (excepting Apple Addicts) will surely choose the Pixel2.

    Steve is probably drooling over the Reviews as I write this. 😄

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    The Duke
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    • @sgb101
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    It’s not a big enough jump for me. It’s a great bit of kit, minus the loss of aux port.

    I got the pixel last year, going from the nexus 6p knowing it wasn’t going to be a big jump. It wasnt, but mainly because the N6 was so good. What sold me was access to the Google assistant.

    Though objectively, the pixel was a minor bump at best over the 6P, and I think the bump her between the pixel (1) and pixel 2 is even smaller.

    If your in the market for a phone, I’d pick this, or the LG V40 (iirc), but if you have a top tier phone from the past two years, I wouldn’t purchase it. Which was my conclusion of last years pixel.

    Now if you have an iPhone, from the ip6 onwards, why would you spend the best part of £1k on an ip8? The 10 looks like it will be here some time between this month, and Easter (lol), so I’d wait for that, if I had any iPhone.

    The problem is if the ip10 is closer to Easter, then the new Samsung will already be here. Given the sgs8 is arguably better than the ip10, which in reality is apples Compition, no matter how good the pixel 2 is. It’s a good job the apple fans don’t tend to cross the divide



    keith with the teef
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    • @thinktank
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    I saw some kid on holiday and his phone was playing battlefield 5.

    Huge screen, buttons everwhere?



    Ed P
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    • @edps
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    “. It’s a good job the apple fans don’t tend to cross the divide”

    I do not think Apple will be able to rely on that for much longer. I don’t think I recollect as many fanbois mags coming out with as much criticism as they have for Apple’s recent offering. They even dared to criticize the design – especially the  ‘notch’ in the screen of the iPhone X. If I had a lot of exposure to Apple’s stock price I think I would be selling it short, as the fanbois are recommending getting the Apple 7 rather than the 8.


    The Duke
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    • @sgb101
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    I agree Ed, apples thing was always it’s design, samsungs, whether you like the ui or not, (I don’t), you can’t deny its design is ahead of apple and the rest of the big android brands.

    I think  the new pixel2 is about on par with the ip10. nothing wrong with it, it just isn’t a pretty as the sgs8, that is about 6 months has older.

    I did love apples play on “finally an Led screen good enough of an iPhone”, and the sheep all whooped!

    Back to google, I was underwhelmed by yesterday’s stuff, it was very Apple like show, aiming the products at a very apple like crowd.

    Though the buds with built in babble fish, was awesome. If they work half as good as the demo, even though they are just Earphones, for the real time translation alone, they are worth $160 (probably £160. Give it 12 months and you’ll pick up something similar for £50. Don’t think it does Welsh, so I’m not sure why I’m excited by them.


    @planeman I just looked on your link, I spec’d the 5″ to 128gb, same as my P1, and the price is identical to last year’s at £729. I went for the 5″ as I wanted a “small” phone for once. Having not had a littl’un since the release of the original moto G.


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