Happy Birthday Bob

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    Have a good oneπŸŽ‚

    No Birthdays Today!

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    Happy Birthday Bob. Hope all is going smoothly with you at the moment move-wise and health wise.πŸ‘πŸ‘

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    Penblwydd Hapus Bob.

    Ed P
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    Have a good one!

    Dave Rice
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    Happy birthday Bob

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    Have a happy, fit birthday and many more to come once you are in your new home.

    Bob Williams
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    Thanks guys, much appreciated.

    You would not guess how and where I celebrated my ΒΎ Century on this vale of tears today.

    My daughter, whose daft SOH matches and often exceeds my own, made us an appointment for Afternoon Tea at the Louth Golf Club, which is a bit like Adolf Hitler being invited to take tea with King George VI in 1938 at Buck House.

    It was just SWMBO and me for a while, two big plates of tiny sandwiches, lots of different cakes and sticky buns. Then a couple of overstuffed, over perfumed ‘ladies’ came to sit near us. It was OK until I picked up my scone, covered in cream and jam, with my fingers. “One is meant to use the confectionery fork and spoon to eat cake, dear.” My missus’ face expression became agonised and I answered in my best Notts. accent:

    “Ah di’nt know that miduck, coz ah’m just a Nottinghamshire peasant. Nah, why dunt yo just eat yer snap in’t way yo eat it an’ ah’ll do t’same.”

    Complete silence, overstuffed ladies moved to the restaurant. It was quite a good spread though, but too much cake. SWMBO stuffed the leftovers into her handbag, which is somewhat akin to a small Tardis. Daughter came to see us after we got back and asked with a crafty grin, “Enjoy it dad?” I couldn’t really answer how I would wish, as her present was also a bucket disguised as a coffee mug, with a vinyl record pictured on it and the message “The Old Ones Are Best.”

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    Mark Turner
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    Happy birthday Bob I hope you’ve had a good one

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    Happy birthday Bob :D

    The Duke
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    Happy “belated” Birthday Bob πŸŽ‚

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    Even later but Happy Birthday Bob – hope it was a goog’un!

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    Hi Bob,

    Another belated HB wish to you. Dave

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    Bob Williams
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    Thanks guys, better late than never!😁 Been alternating between packing stuff for the move and attempting to inform various organisations about the move. What an unholy nightmare that is. Example:

    County Council says they must be informed about any move. I had already informed the District Council, so managed to access County after they threw me out 3 times, then accepted same password I had given 3 times! Informed them by email from their own site, reply was that I have to inform District, not them. Which I had already done. If it wasn’t for the fact that I had worked in a County Council environment, and understood the lack of joined-up thinking, I could have been annoyed.

    The next worst body was Plusnet. My degraded hearing means that I really struggle with phone conversations now, much prefer text or email. Tried to find a way to do this and it was seemingly not available, until I found “Accessibility” at the very bottom, in tiny script. I registered myself as having hearing difficulties and managed to get through to them. It also appears that their once really good ‘Chatline’ has gone to pot, it’s been offline every time I tried to use it.

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