HDMI -> DisplayPort 4k @ 60Hz, does this exist?

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    I’ve been searching around trying to find a cable that will connect my Nvidia shield (HDMI output), to my 4k monitor (Acer CB280HK).

    The annoyance with this monitor is that the HDMI is only 1.4, which means 4k @ 30Hz. What it does have is Display Port and Mini Displayport, which can run 4k @ 60Hz, but I can’t find a cable that will take HDMI to display port at the right resolution and refresh rate. I don’t quite understand why there is such a difficulty in this, but they all seem to top out at 30Hz or Amazon just swaps them round so I can get display port to HDMI cables, but that’s useless to me.


    Any ideas where I can find some?

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    I could be wrong but for HDMI-HDMI (so maybe for HDMI to DP) to cable specs are a reflection of the quality of the cable and in terms of their connectivity they are all the same. For higher bandwidth and refresh rates I THINK a decent quality cable should work AOK – I have several old HDMI cables (pre-4K) that are running 4K without issue.

    I’d try buying one that is free to return and just trying.

    Of course if the DP introduces something else then shoot me down, but I can’t imagine there’s much in these cables by way of active electronics, and that the key to what you can pump through them is the quality of construction, shielding and of course cable length.

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    I have an HDMI to DP cable that I’m sure I bought from Amazon and I’m fairly sure does 60Hz.

    I can’t test now, since I went back to HDMI and have no idea where I put the cable. :/

    Wait: I think it was DP to HDMI rather than the other way around. Ignore me.

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