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    Things have been getting a bit heated recently with regards to brexit, immigration and the like.

    There have been some borderline possible insults. Please, we are all better than that.

    We are all here because we are, mostly, like-minded and tolerant of each others views. Can we please not f*ck it up because of some knobs in ‘power’ who don’t give 2 flying fornicatons about me, you or anyone that isn’t them.

    As an aside it’s in the D.I.Y section because some might have to make a step or 2 to sit on if they are banished to the naughty step!!!😁

    Thanks all. 👍

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    Very well put mate. I have opted out of Brexit talk on here for this reason – nobody will change their mind and it just gets ugly. This is a great group and would hate to see it get ruined.


    The Duke
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    It’s a very circular argument. Everyone has planted their flags now, so it’s not worth arguing about.

    The whole is a very American thing. Politics breaks families in America, I always like the fact that pre brexit vote, we as a nation wasn’t that arsed once any election wax over, and wasn’t that bothered on the lead up to an election. The old “my vote is between me and the ballot box”  I like that approach.

    I think it came down to we all equally hated both parties, whereas in America they equally love their parties.

    To Americans your ever a capitalist and anything that smells of socialism is defacto communism. Where as we have a decent (a stretch I know) middle ground and understanding of social democracy. So we are all middle ground, just some to the left of to and some to the right. But the all or 95% fiit into middle ground.

    We are now with brexit, further apart then the right and left of Americans. and its not nice.

    I voted remain, but now I just want it over with, either way let’s just stay, leave, deal, just pick one, so we can draw a line under it and move on. All eventually hug again, and crack on.

    The major lesson I’ve learnt from it is how terrible our own parliament is. I think it’s time for a huge shake up, once brexit is finished. As they have failed the nation big time.

    The whole thing is broken. A revolution is needed. We need stability in reality, but that will just mast their incompetence, and keep them doing what they do. Which is not a lot it seems.



    The VFM Addict
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    The one thing everyone seems to agree on is that politics is broken in the UK so we can probably take that as a given.    I suspect also, but am not certain, that most of us around here would agree that the FPTP system needs replacing with PR which is more conducive to consensual decisions and hence is less divisive.

    The Catch 22 or more precisely the 2 x Catch 22 are that PR will only be introduced if – (1) those who currently benefit from FPTP are open to consenting to it (fat chance) – and – (2) they put the decision re PR out to a referendum (just can ‘t see Parliament or the public in the short term wanting one of those on yet another subject).

    Conclusion – Politics in the UK sadly is likely to remain broken for some considerable time yet.


    Here's hoping the Mad Tangerine of the West and the Mad Monk of the East stay friends or we're all in trouble


    Ed P
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    Turkeys do not vote for Christmas, so yes I agree. We had a faint chance in the run-up to the Coalition Government but I’m afraid it was blown by the LibDems despite having the most to gain.



    Bob Williams
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    Thanks to Nolan, BL and Steve, for stating what we ought to know. Forumite is a very broad church and we are all mates here, I believe. There is enough division and outright hatred of another’s POV in this country now, we do not need to wreck this unique gathering by joining that. I agree that our political system is broken and I believe that we are in for some changes after Brexit is sorted. (If ever…)

    I am not going to comment within this Thread again and I really believe it has reached EOL. Should it be killed?

    “If you think this Universe is bad, you should see some of the others.”
    ― Philip K. Dick, legendary SF writer.


    Dave Rice
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    Probably Bob. And deleted.

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