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    Got one of the titular tablets here to apply screen saver, install updates, pop in micro sd card and ensconce in a book type case before it goes to it’s new home soon.

    Really nice bit of kit, fast, feels great (apart from the power/ volume buttons which feel a bit cheap but work fine) and the speakers are really nice. Screen is impressive, tried the fingerprint reader but it won’t work for me due to the various creams I have to apply to my hands. This is the same as my Mate 20 Pro.

    It’s not cheap but it’s a decent size without being huge and should last the recipient a good few years, especially with the 128gb micro sd plugged into it. Overall it’s 8 out of 10 from me, if the buttons were better it would be a 9.

    IF I was after a tablet for myself it would be right up there on the list.

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    PM I’ve got the “Lite” of that  – love it – best tablet I’ve had. I do all my volume with swipes in “BS Player” so not notices any button issues. What amazes me the most is the quality of the speaker and the battery life. Mine was £140 from Argos  maybe 6 months ago. Can’t fault it to be honest.



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    We have one too, great device for the price. The H&k speakers are very good also..


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    Bought Mrs B the MediaPad T3 8″ 12 months back.  She loves it. I find all their kit is excellent VFM.

    Never trust an atom - they make up everything !

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