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    Bob Williams

    I have now rebuilt and recovered the Hudl, from 3 wrecked donor tablets. Last problem was the message “Unfortunately the process has stopped.”

    Amazingly, Tesco are still running full support for the Hudl2, so I was able to find the method of solving that. It is now set up for SWMBO to play with, although tomorrow will be senior granddaughter’s 21 st birthday party and the family is taking over the back room of the restaurant where she works, so SWMBO is going to be employed as chief Pastry cook. I am apparently on salad-prep duty, with a sideshow as catering supplies transport and taxi, with some Dogsbody duty thrown in. 😣😕😴

    I received SWMBO’s Wileyfox Spark back from repair: new battery, new board, new bigger case. 2 months out of warranty and free repair, TY Wfox! My Swift has just had latest Nougat and SWMBO’s Spark is to get it soon. I had a bit of a struggle setting up the Spark again, until I realised that I had put the SIM back in the wrong place. All done now.SWMBO will have a busy Sunday playing with the phone and Hudlestein, if she can’t get on with it I will take it for myself.

    “If you think this Universe is bad, you should see some of the others.”
    ― Philip K. Dick, legendary SF writer.

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