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    There is an interesting article in that suggests  hunter gathers had and in a few modern cases still have a better life style with more rest and leisure time than more ‘production orientated’ societies.

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    keith with the teef
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    Glad Im not a french hunter gatherer.

    Snails and Garlic. Fewwwwww.


    Ed P
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    In a way I agree with Keith – Hunter Gatherers in Northern climes had, and would have a fairly hard time without the aid of some modern technology such as rifles and wire for snares. Shelter would be a major headache.  In reality I cannot see very much time for leisure for such peoples, whereas sub-tropical lotus-eaters are quite a different matter.


    Bob Williams
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    On a similar theme, I am reading this book atm:

    In fact, I am totally engrossed in it. Everything I ever thought and believed about life on this earth, everything my gran’s beliefs, passed on to me, were about, all came to a head for me through this book.

    Basically, a farming family that had been gradually losing money on an estate owned by their family for generations, decided to “Rewild” the estate. It has succeeded beyond their expectations and they now have animals, insects and plants that are almost extinct in the rest of the UK, by the bucket load.

    If you are of my generation, you may remember events such as fields full of Lapwings (‘Peewits’) – Skylarks ascending like a VTOL aircraft, to fall far away from their chicks, then fake a busted wing crawling along the ground to lure predators away. Hundreds more Lepidoptera (moth and butterfly) species than there are now, skies full of birdsong from many more bird species, grass snakes and lizards in the sandstone around my village… I could go on and on, but read this book please, it is an eye opener. Read how the ‘fact’ of not enough food for 7 billion people, is totally untrue. Read how even peoples on the edge of starvation, waste food and how much food is wasted in developed countries. Read how the scientific and Nature establishment will not face the truth and/or believe the plainest of evidence when it is presented to them.

    The book is here:

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    The book is here:

    Wilding: The Return of Nature to a British Farm by Isabella Tree

    A bit cheaper here.


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