I give up!

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    I give up! 2Tippon

    I’m still alive, so that’s something!

    At the same time as Lee set up the subscriptions, my father was rushed into hospital. Nothing to do with Coronavirus, but he’s got cancer and seemed to be suffering from some complications. I picked up a bug at the same time, so I couldn’t visit him, but after about a week he came home. We found out that I was showing as logged in and browsing when I hadn’t set anything up yet, so I spoke to Lee and said that I wouldn’t set up an account for a few days to give him a chance to look into it, and I was going to be busy between my father and being ill anyway. My bug cleared up, but then my daughter was sent home from school for being ill, so I had a week of looking after her at home and still not getting to see my father in case she was contagious this time…

    I was feeling a bit stir crazy now and needed to get out, so I was planning on taking the bike out. I was supposed to be on the 12 week self imposed lockdown though, so I was planning a quiet ride with no stops. As the weather finally started to look decent, I either picked up a stomach bug or gave myself food poisoning, so obviously couldn’t risk kitting up riding into the middle of nowhere. My mother watched Alice for the first day, then my mother in law took her away for a week, so I thought I’d come back here now that I’ve actually got a bit of time to myself, but then Paypal wouldn’t let me log in, the captcha kept coming up with an error. Ok, it’s a pain in the backside, but I was finally feeling ok and the weather was nice, so I planned the ride for today or tomorrow to avoid the busier weekend. I slept most of the day today as I was recovering, so I arranged to go out tomorrow.

    I put the news on tonight and Boris has ordered a flaming lockdown! >.<

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    I give up! 3Ed P
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    That is really tough. I hope that things now start going in the right direction, rather than down the Tonypandy.

    I give up! 4JayCeeDee
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    The only saving grace from Boris’s announcement ( so far as the wife’s well-being and my sanity is concerned ) was that you are allowed out once a day for exercise so long as you don’t make up a group of more than 2, unless all from the same household. If you take ride into the ( not so ) nearest valleys for that exercise, who’s to say that’s outside the new regs??

    I will be accompanying the wife for a walk on the beach later today, keeping the appropriate social distancing, wearing a muffler over my nose and mouth – it isn’t PPE by any stretch, but anything it’s better than nothing. On that note, as a biker, it’s likely you have one of those ‘bandido scarves with a breather hole’ that fit below the helmet, over nose and mouth, that might perform the same function for you. Just don’t choose one with a skull on it, you might be mistaken for the walking dead!!

    Glad that Dad is better, and you’re at least up for going out.Good luck.

    I give up! 5PlaneMan
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    That sucks Ryan.

    Like JCD said squeeze is a ride from time to time for exercise.

    I give up! 2Tippon
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    Thanks guys :)

    I should point out, because I always forget that it doesn’t come across well in text, that I am ok, just having a tongue in cheek rant. It takes a lot to actually get me down :)

    I had the phonecall from the hospital today – I’m on complete lockdown. Officially I shouldn’t be leaving the house at all, not even to the garden. Luckily for me though, I’m living in a detached house with nobody on one side, so if I do feel the need for some fresh air, I can go to the garden. Some people I’ve been speaking to don’t even have that due to living in flats etc., so I’m feeling lucky today.

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