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    Ed P

    This Zebra Crossing marking in Iceland would scare the pants off me! I don’t know about slowing me down, I think I would do an emergency stop and get a new pair of brown trousers!

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    Looking at it logically, it’s impossible. The shadow on the right hand end is to the left ( middle ) and the shadow on the left hand end is to the right ( middle ).

    Having said that, my first reaction would be like Ed’s, slam on the brakes and wait for it to be lowered.


    It looks like a typical suburban/village road. If, as they say, 18.6 mph is simply too high for the narrow residential streets, maybe they should introduce bicycle only areas!!!


    Bob Williams
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    One of these needed!

    Or the crossing patrol ‘lady’ at one pedestrian school crossing in Louth. She is about 6 feet tall and 5 feet wide, defends her spot, parents and children with homicidal intent against motorists who take liberties. Has used her Lollipop to threaten retaliation against uncompliant drivers.

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