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    Laptop woes!! 2dwynnehugh

    Just had an Acer Aspire E15 for a look at – W10, AMD A10 etc, 1GB HDD – switch on – starts and gets to the screen before password one, hit ‘Return’ – p/word screen appears – enter p/word – the following happens:

    1. sometimes it gets into the desktop and if so the cursor keeps as a spinning circle on the taskbar for 2+ hours – doesn’t go any further. But I can see the items on the desktop.


    2. Starts and boots to the first W10 splash screen (the window were it  appears that sunshine is flooding in through it) – nothing else. Just re-sets and re-sets ad infinitum.

    I have tried a Ubuntu Live CD – loads but I cannot find what I would call the ‘C’ drive under Windows but as Ubuntu loads I do not get any message that the drive ‘C’ cannot be mounted – which I have had with duff HDDs in the past.

    Is it likely that Ubuntu is loading into RAM only?  I’ve been told that the data is the important aspect and if I have to damage the laptop (4yrs old business model) so be it.

    Any views on the internal HDD and if duff why doesn’t Ubuntu tell me?  Hope this makes sense.

    Many thanks in anticipation,  Dave



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