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    The Duke

    I can’t remember when we first started changing over to LED bulbs, somewhere between 5 and 8 years ago I reckon. They wasn’t cheap I remember that. FFW to last night and our first LED bulb has gone. I find this this quite impressive, especially as it was the most used (cycled) bulb in the house, the landing bulb.

    I’m sure it is an LED hut bulb, but I won’t be claiming a free bulb via Thier 10 year warranty. I think I got my monies worth out of it.

    I just thought I’d mark the occasion with a post.

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    I hope the Philips Hue bulbs I bought get that amount of use from them with what I paid for them!

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    I have always used the brightest bulbs at the top of the Lumen range for ( mostly ) down-lighters. That has put me at the ‘cutting edge of what’s available. Listening to Steve I started about 6 years ago, but over the years have upgraded the initial 3.5w 350 lumen to the 6w 550 lumen bulbs. LED Hut were exemplary for replacing any faulty bulbs, however about 18 months ago they either went into liquidation or re-invented themselves and had some initial problems. Needed you to re-open an account as the previous ones were closed off, but not aware of any problems recently.

    Dave Rice
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    Only had one go too. They have more than paid for themselves.

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