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    Two days a go I get my phone out to give my manager a quick call and… my contacts are gone. Most of them. About half a dozen still there out of a few dozen.

    Any ideas what could have happened or what to do to try and recover them?

    I think Google might be to blame. I’ve been having pop up messages on my phone advising various things I should do on my phone and in a moment of weakness I enabled some “back up and sync”. I think it backs up my data on my Google account. I thought what a heck they must know what they are doing so why not. Maybe it will come useful some day. Then there was another thing I noticed – a few times I caught some Google app updating itself using my data. I remember I did enable some setting that allows only WiFi updates. So I dug a bit deeper and found some more hidden setting in which all was disable except Google and I think messaging. So I disabled Google. I have a feeling that might be the reason of lost contacts. Maybe Google wasn’t happy not having that freedom.

    Anyway, I’m rambling now. I’ll go see if I can find anything in my Google account setting (never been there before) but if you guys have any ideas shoot them at me.


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