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    memory 4gb (2×2 paired) 2oldtimer

    Last week upgraded wife’s pc to w10 (it went like a train under W7 but needs must)

    Now it runs like a geriatric snail, frequently stopping for a rest, or even stopping completely.  I have stripped everything and it goes only a little better, but I noticed it only has one stick of RAM, albeit 4GB.  All my other machines have 2 sticks of 2GB.  could this be the problem?

    I have searched the net for 2x 2gb  memory but no-one seems to do it any more.  I suppose I could try 2X4gb and lt W10 ignore most of it.  Would that work?

    Its easy when you know how

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    memory 4gb (2×2 paired) 2oldtimer
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    Almost there. Need to physically put the new HDDs in the case and get SWIMBO’s approval for new desktop and lock screen.  Then a few minor fiddles of no real consequence.  Not bad for a week’s work 🙄 but it is several years since I did anything like this and the little grey cells are glowing much dimmer these days.

    Eventually tracked down the cause of the freezes.  Before I started I did a clone of the old W7 system just in case and put it in the spare partition on the SSD/system drive because the other drives were going to be replaced.  I did not realise that W10 would also decide that this would be a good location for the swap drive/virtual memory.  Too much in too little space in the end and every time windows needed more temp space it just stopped.  When I put the new larger data drives in I could move the clone to somewhere else and only had one freeze since then.

    I have certainly re-acquainted myself with lots of old knowledge and supplemented it with some new.  Trouble is I shall have forgotten it all again by next week.  I guess I am getting too old for this as the saying  goes.

    Having said that I might just go for 64bit on another spare PC that is lying around if I can find out a bit more about how to change and if I can do it for free.

    So thanks for your support and advice.  As someone said in another post – never mind Google when there is this forum to turn too.  And it really is simple when you know how 😀😀😀

    Its easy when you know how

    memory 4gb (2×2 paired) 4Bob Williams
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    Know your pain Les!

    Yesterday I decided to replace my two exhaust case fans. Simple job, right? One of the fans has been a long term problem, being butted right up against the two RAM modules, the Arctic Freezer CPU cooler and the 12v motherboard connection. So I looked at this fan:

    Being slim, after some careful measurement I decided that it would be a much better, less intrusive fit. Then I thought, ‘Why not replace both rear exhaust fans? A matching pair.’ So I ordered two. Then I spotted this Fan Hub:

    Cool, I thought. I only have one chassis fan motherboard socket, that will replace the (2X2) splitter cables. Stripped out the old and replaced with new fans, connected the Fan Hub. The front two inlet fans worked, but the two exhaust fans simply jerked a bit and died, could not get anything out of them no matter which way I connected them. So I returned to the (2×2) setup, connected just the PC lead, booted and all four fans worked and the system seemed to provide even more exhaust power, which for these slim fans is good. Shut down, reconnected everything, booted up. System dead, bugga! Stripped the case sides and front, investigated. Then I realised that I had not switched on any of the switches on the new 4 gang socket I mounted on the wall. DOHHHH! Connected everything, ensured all switch lights on the power socket were red, booted up, bingo! Tested the new fans via Speccy and the temp’s are lower than they were with the old, thicker-bodied fans.

    There is a moral in this story, but it seems to have slipped my mind… 🤔😏😫

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    I'm out.

    memory 4gb (2×2 paired) 5JayCeeDee
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    Having said that I might just go for 64bit on another spare PC that is lying around if I can find out a bit more about how to change and if I can do it for free.

    See Graham’s info here:-

    If you are going to do a fresh install of W10 then I would strongly recommend switching to the 64bit version unless you are still using some ancient 16bit software.

    Your key will still be valid and now your motherboard is registered for W10 its best to skip over entering it during an install, let Windows activate its self later (usually in a minute or two).

    Only trying to go from one version to another, say home to pro, requires a new key.

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