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    Bob Williams

    Freeview Play: record up to 4 programmes simultaneously, from 3 tuners, while watching a 5th. programme.

    The HB-1100S Freesat box is crap, I have a mate who bought one new and swapped it for this, which is what I bought new :

    He loves it, I love mine, part-paid for with a Curry’s voucher


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    Wouldn’t have known anything about how things have move on since I last bought a Humax 1800R for the kitchen tv, so thanks for the link.

    Bought a new, not reconditioned, FVP5000T direct from Humax because it was cheaper than anywhere else. 3 tuners, so it states that it can record 4 programmes whilst watching a fifth. Not quite sure how that works with just 3 tuners but it will save me juggling with all the +1 hour channels especially for those programmes that run for 70 or 75 minutes like the last few episodes of The Yorkshire Vet.


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