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    Bob Williams

    This crosses the Reading and Motor Sport Topics. I have just taken this from the local library:

    “How To Build A Car” by Adrian Newey, OBE. 35 years as a great engineer and Formula 1 designer. Should be a good read. Although it’s a big book with few pictures, it has lots of features including technical diagrams of various cars, planned and mostly built. Already, only a few pages in, I can tell he is different, as a conversation in class will show. Teaching a class on friction, teacher asks “Who can tell me that friction is a good thing?” and Newey answers, “If we didn’t have friction, we wouldn’t be able to stand up. We’d all slip over.”  Teacher rolls his eyes “Ridiculous. Friction is clearly a bad thing. Why else would we need oil?”

    I immediately recalled a similar conversation at 11 years old, with a geography teacher that I suspected knew nothing about his own subject. “The Earth is a sphere.” – me – “No sir.” -teacher “What shape do you believe it to be then, Prof. Williams?” (Sneering, to laughter from the class) – me – “It’s an oblate spheroid sir, flattened at the Poles, like an orange.” I received a lecture regarding the shapes of oranges and planets, and then asked him why the diameter of the Earth was a smaller dimension at the Poles, than at the Equator. He was saved by the end of lesson bell. As we trooped off to Maths and a teacher who could actually teach, I reflected that I was different and that difference was going to get me more notice than I liked, in geography. So I am probably going to enjoy reading this story, about someone else who was and is different.

    Educators who cannot educate, should ideally be stacking shelves in supermarkets, not exposing their inadequacies by taking the p***s out of pupils who ask difficult questions, or answer questions asked of them in the manner not prescribed by a curriculum. Independent thinking should be valued and encouraged. And the Geography teacher was either pushed or jumped in my next year.

    When the Thought Police arrive at your door, think -
    I'm out.

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