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    Moved to WiFi 2Drezha

    After some issues with my home network (my network would be intermittent and timeout trying to access websites at times and occasioanlly it would kick me from playing COD – I couldn’t narrow it down to whether it’s my router, my PiHole or my powerline networking. However, it was effecting my Mac and my PC – both access the network via a powerline plug in my bedroom, I decided to see what the effect of moving to wifi would me. We’ll now see if the issue is still present (it can happen once or twice a day, so it’s rare), as then if it is, I can potentially rule out powerline to a degree (though I still have a powerline between the router and the living room, which includes the NAS).

    I’ve a switch under my desk for the Mac and PC, so I ended up looking at for a extender, rather than a network adapter for the PC (the Mac Mini already has wifi), so I ended up purchasing this. This is paired with my Netgear Nighthawk D7000. I’ve been impressed with it so far. The powerline was more consistent, but it was consitently slow! The top graph is my new wifi connection, writing files to my NAS.

    Moved to WiFi 3Not quite sure how the write speed is exceeding the read speed though on the wifi!

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    Moved to WiFi 4Dave Rice
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    I wonder if it’s to do with encryption?

    This test from my laptop which according to Ubiquiti is connected at 150Mbps. Both shares are encrypted and both servers are attached via Ethernet to a 1GB switch.

    Moved to WiFi 5

    Current model DS218+ with a Celeron J3355 and 10GB of ram. 2 x 3TB 7,200 rpm disks in SHR Raid 1. Pretty much what you’d expect with WiFi limiting the performance.

    Moved to WiFi 6

    5 year old RS814 with a MARVELL Armada XP MV78230 and 1GB ram. 2 x drives from the spares box in JBOD.

    Still a bit strange though.

    Moved to WiFi 2Drezha
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    Well, the test was running variable sizes.

    Moved to WiFi 8


    Running a 100MB test file to the server gives the following:

    Moved to WiFi 9

    That’s from my Mac mini, connected to a 1Gb switch, to the TP-Link adapter. This goes to the Router, then via a powerline to the under TV switch, to my DS116. That’s a dual core MARVELL Armada 385 @ 1.8GHz with 1GB RAM. No encryption on the NAS, but the Mac Mini is protected with Filevault.


    Only think that is a pain is that the plug takes up a socket now and doesn’t have a passthrough connecter like the powerline adapter, so I need to dig out an extension lead for it!

    Moved to WiFi 2Drezha
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    After noticing some disappointing network performance recently, I tested both again.

    The powerline was averaging twice the speed of the upload and download, with consistently more stable speeds. Hoping that it makes a difference in next weeks Teams meetings!

    Moved to WiFi 11

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