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    I don’t use a VPN Mozilla are offering one.

    I can’t afford it, but what are the advantages of VPN, should I use one or does it even matter.


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    Dave Rice
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    From home, dubious. On a public network, like a cafe, essential.

    VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and what it does is create an encrypted tunnel between you and a server on the internet. This means that any “man in the middle” attack cannot see your data.

    What do I mean by “man in the middle”? Well it’s not too difficult to spoof a cafe’s WiFi so that instead of going through their access point you are going through the bad guys. That means they can capture everything you’re sending and receiving. The VPN doesn’t stop them capturing the data but as it’s encrypted it’s of no use.

    At home it’s extremely unlikely that anyone would even be interested in doing that never mind the practicalities involved.

    The other use of a VPN is to set up a secure link between a business laptop and it’s office, or between two offices. This also allows the remote end to access things like printers as if they were onsite.

    It’s very rare that I feel the need to use a VPN sat here at home, I can’t remember the last time I did.

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    I like Tom Scott’s video on VPN’s – Youtube.

    In short, HTTPS should cover you in general. Getting around geoblocking is probably the main use.

    I have one setup on my NAS, purely to access my home network from outside. I do use it when outside the house on a free wifi.

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    I like Tom Scott’s video on VPN’s – Youtube.

    The vast majority of his stuff is very good.

    When it comes to a VPN I use it for things like banking, just as an extra ‘peace of mind’ layer of security even when at home.

    As Dave and  Drez said they are very handy when on free, public WiFi.

    They can be very cheap as well, Nord do deals often that really cuts the cost back.

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    Nice one Dave

    Thanks for the explanation, I feel better already thanks for the backup Drezha – PM


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    I use the Avast VPN that is included with a yearly subscription to the antivirus, £27. Apparently I mostly live in New York 😂

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